HRH Princess Muna Al Hussein Welcoming Message

 Welcome to the website of the Jordanian Nursing Council. I take this opportunity to invite you to interact with this distinguished site, which I hope will be a platform for communication between all members of the nursing and midwifery family. 

President of the Jordanian Nursing Council

Her Royal Highness Princess Muna Al Hussein

You know that the Jordanian Nursing Council is a legislative institution established in 2002 and aims to protect members of society through effective regulation of nursing practice at the level of general and specialty nursing. The Council's mission is to support all efforts to develop this profession by ensuring the presence of nursing care providers with a high degree of competence, responsibility and professional ethics.

Within this framework, we are partnering with all institutions in Jordan to achieve strategic directions for the next ten years in the areas of legislation, education, practice and manpower for nursing and midwifery. We are also working to improve partnership with various institutions at the regional and international levels to achieve the goals of sustainable development and Universal Health Coverage .

I am clearly aware that the development of the nursing and midwifery profession depends on the efforts of all institutions and individuals to abide by the responsibilities entrusted to them. The availability of an elite group of experienced and competent nurses and midwives, whether at the local, regional or international level, is a fundamental pillar for the Nursing Council to carry out the tasks and the role it seeks to achieve.

Hence, we must all reinforce cooperation and participation frameworks for the advancement of the profession, in the interest of community members, in facing the contemporary health challenges.

We value this site, which is the space that connects us directly with you to bridge any communication gaps and increase interaction and participation with all colleagues and officials in all sectors through expressing opinions and exchanging experiences and knowledge.

I am proud to be part of the nursing and midwifery family, a family that is committed to providing high quality health services to all members of society. I am confident that your continued support for the Nursing Council is the main base that helps us to accomplish our tasks professionally and layout our way to the future.

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