2002-2005 Establishing and Building Phase

2002 The law was enacted in 2002 as the Temporary Law (21) 2002: The Temporary Law of the Jordanian Nursing Council.

2002-2005 Formation of the permanent and ad-hoc committees such as the practice committee, the Professional Nursing Practice Standards Committee, and the Professional Classification Committee.

2003 Development of an implementation plan and road map for the Jordanian Nursing Council for the years 2003-2005

2003 Published the Study Titled "Current and Projected Nursing Manpower in Jordan 2003" and Steering policies.

2003 Contribution to the formulating a policy to abandon the secondary school nursing education program (Tawjehi)

2004- until now awarding excelling nursing graduates from Jordan universities for the first nursing students

2004 set up a comprehensive national plan for the preparation TOT of preceptorship/mentorship of nursing learners, where 25 trainers were trained to hold a clinical counseling course in different institutions.

2005 Established the Princess Muna Fund for Nursing Students through collaboration between the Jordanian Nursing Council and the King Abdullah II Fund for Development

2005 Participated in the membership of the Observatory of the International Nursing Council, where the Secretary General of the JNC was chosen to be a member of the observatory